What’s Happening in Cagle Campground Part IIq

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You know the feeling, right? The refrigerator is looking half empty instead of half full; the laundry is piling up and spilling out of the hamper; and the errand list is getting longer and long. Yep, time to go shopping.

Our camp host told us that Huntsville is a college town and there isn’t much there. So we headed off to Conroe, a mere 16 miles away. That won’t take long since the freeway is near and the speed limit is 70 mph!

Finding a place to eat when you don’t know the town is difficult. Our GPS (Sam) said there was a Golden Corral nearby. The freeway is all dug up and exits are closed and Sam was going nuts on us. I think we really made her mad. We had to backtrack and finally found the restaurant only to see that it was closed up, not open, in disrepair. Sigh. Now what.

I think being back in so much traffic set us on our last nerve so we went to the first item on our list – Hobby Lobby. When we arrived we saw we had three choices for lunch- Mexican, Japanese and a bar and grill. We chose the Mexican restaurant.

The food was great! And lots of it. The service was excellent. We would go back here again. I rated it on Yelp and you can read that here.

After lunch we shopped at Hobby Lobby. I bought some Alpaca/Acrylic yarn that was on sale to knit a shawl. I also bought a beading book with my 40% off coupon that was download off the Internet. (no more missing the flyers to get the coupons) Dale found a wire beading book and wants to try it out. I think that is marvelous. I can’t wait to see what he creates.

We stopped off at Authority and Wal-Mart to find bike chains, rust remover and paint to cover the metal on the rig. Then laundry. It was close by, clean and empty. Just the way we like it. While I sat with the laundry Dale ran off to find a bike shop for a chain for his bike. He came back just in time to watch me fold it up. Great timing, Dale! 🙂

We wanted to grocery shop at Krogers because Fred Meyers in Oregon is the same company. We miss Fred Meyers. It was a nice store but not up to Fred Meyer standards.

We rolled into camp about 7, ate leftovers from lunch and went to bed. Long day!

The refrigerator is on FULL, clean clothes now fill the closets and we are happy!

Life is good. Our God blesses us so much!


One thought on “What’s Happening in Cagle Campground Part IIq

    MrsCraftyRVing said:
    April 2, 2011 at 9:39 am

    chores? Boy they are a downer… lol we are in the same boat… Working on those today!! Enjoy your Saturday you two…
    Hugs dear friend Hugs!!

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