Houston, TX

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We were told in San Antonio that Houston is the fourth largest city in the US of A. This little tidbit allowed us to realize that they weren’t joking!

We left San Antonio on Sunday thinking the freeways around Houston wouldn’t be too busy. WRONG! Traffic was horrendous and Janet and I sweated bullets as Dale and Ralph calmly maneuvered us through the maze of toll roads and freeway interchanges. We saw one accident that backed us up and one merge lane that took over one of our lanes backing traffic up also. I am sure every one around us could hear Janet and I yell – “Red lights.” Our way of saying to the driver – “STOP.” Ha.

We saw Reliant Park where the Final Four will take to the courts this weekend to see who the champion of the NCAA will be. We would have liked to have gotten seats for the games but we wouldn’t be there and we couldn’t afford their $800 price tag for each seat. That included a buffet but really? We also saw the sky scrapers of Houston but we didn’t go down into the town. We skirted it as we went to a small suburb called Dickinson. This is where we planned to stay for a couple of days. The park wasn’t far from the Johnson Space Center.

At the park we met a woman from New York who cussed a blue streak. Her licence plates read “Old Broad.” She was a character. On the other side of us was a man who knocked on our door and wanted a donation because he was getting divorced. Dale told him he had already paid for two divorces and wasn’t going down that path again. Yep, true story.

If you haven’t been over to Dale’s website, do so. He has some great pictures of the inside of NASA and the original space crafts that went up into space back in the 60’s. We thought the best exhibits there was the Spaceship Galaxy which gave us a history of the space program along with space craft and the tram ride. We were able to walk inside the training vehicle of the space station. You can find his photo’s HERE

We had a good day with Bobbie and Bob, Janet and Ralph. It was a full day of soaking in all that space is about in Houston.


Everyone is smiling but really the teeth are chattering. It is cold out! We are waiting for the tram to fill up so we can get going.
The building ahead of us is where the Saturn V is stored. It was cold in the building for a reason!



Here we are getting off the tram and going into the training center.
Saturn V - lack of funding grounded this mission. Lucky us got to see it up close and personal. Totally amazing and shivers down the spine.
Lunch at the Johnson Space Center. That's Bob and Bobbie, Dale, Janet and Ralph.


This is like the same arm used in space to go outside the space station to fix it.




NASA has planted trees to a memorial of all who lost their lives in space endeavors. Also to those who died of natural causes.

Life is still incredible. Our God is faithful.





3 thoughts on “Houston, TX

    MrsCraftyRVing said:
    March 30, 2011 at 9:42 am

    COOL pics!! We don’t do big cities no matter what cool things are there. We gave that up almost 2 years ago – I like my heart ticking!!

    On the other side of us was a man who knocked on our door and wanted a donation because he was getting divorced. Dale told him he had already paid for two divorces and wasn’t going down that path again. Yep, true story. – I laughed so hard… Quick thinking on Dales end. What was the guys response?

    Great read for today!!

    Gwen said:
    March 30, 2011 at 9:45 am

    Evie, I hope we are done with big cities for now. Going to cruise through Texas by small towns only!
    I don’t know the guys response. Thought he was kind of cheeky!!!!

    tinycamper said:
    March 30, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Gwen, I have a sister whose husband was transferred to a little town near Houston last year. She absolutely will not drive in Houston! The closest she will go is Atascocita.

    In fact, she recently bought a used van. She wouldn’t drive into Houston to look at it, so asked the dealer to bring it to her house to look at.

    He did! And she bought the van. So now she is fixing it us as a camper van for short camping trips and trips home to visit the family.

    Houston is at the top of my “don’t go there” list, too!

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