Do You Remember (and things to do part 2)

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Do you remember this photo? Our first look at where we are going to park on the beach. A nice and quiet beach where the fishermen and walkers came out to enjoy the sound of the ocean.


Look at it now:

The kids cars were 3 deep across from us on the beach with groups of 20 or more yelling at the cars as they drove by. Bobbie counted at least 60 cars in a tenth of a mile which could be 240 people and the beach is probably 20 miles long on this stretch. We don’t know what happened but this is the heaviest the crowds of spring breakers has been in the 5 days since this started. It all began at 10:30 this morning and I write this at 9:46 pm and they are still going strong. Sigh, no sleep very early tonight.

Here we are sitting out watching the show earlier this week. Today we played cards in our tent while watching the show.

Here are some photo’s of what we watched.

Gals enjoying the sun and the traveling guitar player.


It was pretty hot out this day. All I have to say is "Why?????"

Other things to do at the beach.


Dale flying his kite on a windy day. Lots of windy days here.
Ralph helping get the kite in the air.

And let us not forget to mention “beach bum-ness”

Do you have a Spring Break memory? Or a day at the beach?

Life is good! God loves you!

2 thoughts on “Do You Remember (and things to do part 2)

    evielynne sanchez said:
    March 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Yes – in Mystic CT – the best place in the world for me anyhow. There is a food joint there and we’ll it has a sign there that if you jump in the water from the food joint there is a $250. fine – well I got dared and in I went – the best $250 I spent because that night Mystic made over a $1000.00 because I lead the way and we all paid. I got my food free that night too – the food joint thought I was brave and rewarded me lol… I was 24!

    Gwen said:
    March 18, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    Evie…you nut! Enjoy your dinner tonight. We found a seafood place not far from the RV park. Yum. We are ready.
    My body still wants to BOOM, BOOM, BOOM to the loud music. Having trouble just relaxing! Yeah, for back to normal.
    Thanks for posting.

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