Things to do in Corpus Christi

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….or the adventures we found in Corpus Christi!

We are staying on Mustang Island between Padre Island and Port Aransas. Port Aransas is a thriving community. We toured the city by vehicle and found many tourist shops, neighborhoods, the UT Museum and Science Laboratory, library, the original Port Aransas lighthouse. There is one big grocery store and very clean but expensive laundromat.

After our tour of Port Aransas we stopped at Fin’s to try their “all you can eat” catfish. It was okay. The boys went back on their day out and had hamburgers and said they were delicious. We are trying to capture the “seafood” since we are on the Gulf of Mexico. The big store in Corpus Christi is HEB -“here everything is better.” They had fresh seafood from the Gulf – USA. I bought some cod and shrimp and yum, yum, yum.

Another day, we went to tour the USS Lexington aircraft carrier. We had to cross the channel out of Port A via ferry to get to Corpus Christi.


The car ferries lined up on the other shore.


The wait wasn’t long. We were first on last off! Ain’t that the way. Dale had his hand out the window and the gal came by and told us not to feed the seagulls. We had to laugh and wanted to know what to feed them!

One sight we see a lot of is oil tankers coming in through the Gulf up to refineries located in the bays around Corpus Christi. There are many oil platforms out in the gulf also.

Under the arch is the channel to an oil refinery. This photo was taken from the top of the USS Lexington.

We spent about three or four hours here looking over the ship. What a trip!!!! This WW II ship saw a lot of action in the war. After we went down, down, down I wanted out, out, out. You have to honor our men and women in the military for their service to our country and freedom.

Before we went on the ship we stopped off at Pier 99 for lunch. Dick and Mary Ellen, Ralph, Dale and myself enjoyed a fish entrée of some sort.

We had a good day sightseeing and being tourists. Corpus Christi is a beautiful town surrounded by water!

Life is great. God is valued.


One thought on “Things to do in Corpus Christi

    evielynne sanchez said:
    March 16, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    I hate pricy laundry mats…. Are you still using your hand crank one? Love the pictures…

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