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Being a full-time RVer and on the road brings on a few personal problems. My hair dresser and doctors are back in Grants Pass, OR. Therefore, finding someone to take care of those little things like haircuts and annual exams is really a turkey shoot. Since we don’t stay in one place more than 10 to 14 days, making appointments for that time frame can be difficult too.

I thought that those salons that offer “walk-ins welcome” would be the ticket. Not to mention $10  a haircut. Have to watch the budget you know. I can hear my daughter, the beauty salon queen now. Usually those kinds of salons are gals that didn’t do so well at the “college of cosmetology.” Although, I did find a woman who had worked in this one salon for 15 years and she gave a decent cut. But I am use to the same person, who for 17 years, cut my hair! Although, she told me my hair is really hard to cut. So, I have had some okay haircuts from these walk-ins. I have had some bad haircuts too. I was in the chair at a Wal-Mart when the little gal told me my hair was easy to cut. I couldn’t wait to get out of that chair and, well, sweet girl, you need to go back to school.

Yesterday, in Safford I did something I have never, ever done. Even when my daughter was at the College of Cosmetology in Klamath Falls. I went to the Eastern College of Cosmetology in Safford to get a perm. Friend Janet went to another school a few days before and got a really nice perm so I thought I would give it a try.

I went in at 11 and got out about 2:30. Probably the longest perm I have ever had! 🙂 Bethany was a sweetie and a junior at the college. First thing she did was ask me what I wanted and then she called her instructor over. He asked the same questions and decided I needed the  treatment on my hair to rid it of all medications. I was told that when we take meds it all goes to our hair and that will affect the outcome of the perm. They discussed what rods to use and where.

After that, she and another gal started rolling my hair in the rods. One on each side. Bethany and I had a good chat. She was born in Alaska so we discussed her home state. I asked her if she was a Sarah Palin fan but she really didn’t know who that was! She said most people ask her that question. Then I found out she took a semester at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR and we talked about the campus, Ashland and surrounding area. By that time the rods were in and the perm solution came out. I sat for 10 minutes under a plastic hood with a towel on my head. Bethany decided to go another 10 minutes. After 20 minutes my hair was not curling. Over came the instructor and he checked it out and added more solutions. I sat for another 5 minutes. The instructor asked me if my hair was hard to perm. Finally, they put me under a dryer for 5 more minutes and I had curls! However, never, ever have I had to sit for 30 with perm solution in my hair and I was screaming inside “don’t fry my hair.”

Next – the haircut. The instructor was back and we discussed what I wanted from the haircut. He then made a guide for her to follow, starting on the back of my head. Bethany picked up her scissors and started cutting away. When we was finished with cutting the hair on my whole head, she called the instructor over and he showed her how to cut the sides. When she was done we discussed how the hair on the left side was longer than the right. One final check by the instructor and he fixed the back and showed her how to get and even cut along the neckline. She threw in a little mouse and I was done. The results: pretty darn good. I am happy with it all. My hair is soft and curly!

I even got a free eyebrow wax and Bethany was so cute. She would count down 3, 2, 1, rip. I enjoyed watching her because they try to hard to get everything just so as they are learning. I commented on the professionalism of the school and the fact that there were no body piercings present or tatoo’s. (Janet’s experience in Safford at the other school was nothing but body piercings and tatoos!)

I may have to give these schools a try again. Might be better than those “walk-ins” because here in Safford, the instructor went over my haircut and fixed anything that needed fixed.

On a side note about doctors. I chose a doctor on our Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in Yuma. Got an appointment and got it all done. I just got the explanation of payment from our insurance company and for my annual exam (no new patient appointment) and they charged the insurance company over $900 for the exam. Can you believe that! I am still in shock. This little lady didn’t do anything except the exam and talk to me about my Nook. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Amazing. Thankfully they didn’t get away with charging that much. BCBS knocked over $700 off the bill, paid $100 and I paid $41. Amazing. Just Amazing to me.

So there are some disadvantages to the “we are from where are wheels are parked!” Give up this life? NO WAY.

Life is soooo good, we can overcome the obstacles.

(Moving on today. Heading for New Mexico for a week.)

Oh, some good news. Chloe is going to have a baby sister or brother in September!!!

Buenas noches!



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