Eight Handed Marvin

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After a day of playing hard (smirk, smirk) – geocaching, hiking, biking or just exploring a new area, we settle down in one of our rigs and get out the cards for a game of 8 Handed Marvin.

What is interesting about this card game is we don’t know how it got this name. We get the 8 because we have a hand of 8 cards. But Marvin…..we can’t even come close with an answer at all.

This game is one that doesn’t pit each other against one another except in the score. So, sit down, get your cards and let’s play 8 Handed Marvin.

Usually with 4 players one deck of cards are used but we like to use 2 decks (we run out of cards). 6 players 2 decks of playing cards. Deal 4 cards to each player. These are cards you can’t look at. Place them face down on the table as the “top” row. Then each player is dealt 4 cards and these cards is your hand. You can look at these cards and then place them face down under the top row of cards. Place them so you can remember what your cards are.

The goal is to make pairs using all 8 cards. When you make a pair they cancel each other out as far as points go. The other cards that are important in this game are face cards, the ace and the two. Face cards are zero points except for the queen. The queen is worth 20 points. The ace is one point but if you make a pair that point is cancelled out which equals zero points. The two is the best. It is a minus two points.

So you have these two rows of cards, a mystery row and the bottom row that you know what the cards are.

Play begins with the turned over card in the discard pile. If that isn’t taken then you draw a card. With each card taken or drawn one of your 8 cards needs to be turned over and the card replacing your hand of cards is discarded. Make pairs, keep face cards (except the queen) and collect as many twos as you can. At the end after turning all cards over, add up the points and keep score. First one to reach 50 points ends the game and the lowest score wins.


So far this hand has 19 points but of course you wouldn't keep the queen! Without the queen this hand has a -1. Ace and a -2.



One tip: you can look at the bottom row of cards before your first play. No peeking after that.
Two tip: place face cards on one end and “single” cards on the other in numerical order (just to help you remember).

Three tip: get rid of the top cards first because you don’t what they are. If you can replace them with face cards or cards that are on the bottom to make a pair.

Four tip: Don’t over think the game or how you should play it.

Five tip: If you turn a card face up, then turn it back over that’s a no-no! No peeking.
Six tip: don’t keep the queens. 20 points.

Seven tip: Remember, remember, remember!

Don’t forget to laugh. You won’t be able to help it! Any questions: email me or leave a comment.


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