Hitting the Mountains

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I come from Oregon. I was born there, raised there and had my children there. Where I come from in Oregon it is mountainous. Forests all around us. At one time, when I was about 5 or 6 years old we lived in the forest while my dad worked there. I am use to forests, not deserts.

When we started to climb upwards as we drove highway 87 out of Phoenix, we climbed higher and higher into the mountains and it felt like we were coming home! You know, that feeling of being in a place that you know and feel comfortable in. The mountains didn’t look the same here in Arizona though. These mountain forests were Saguaro cactus instead of pine trees. Beautiful all the same. We also started climbing into some stormy weather.

We saw the rain falling in the distance and then it hit us!

What a change from the nice weather we had been experiencing the last week or so. I am sure the desert was drinking it in. As you can see in this next photo, the 4 Peaks Wilderness it sporting snow.

When we arrived at the Visitors Center to pay for our stay, Dale found a screw in one of our tires. Since he could hear the air leaking out of the tire he filled it up with that stuff for flat tires and ran it around the parking lot until it squirted out the hole. Then, while at the post office, he found another screw in another tire but no damage was done. He thinks we picked them up at KOFA RV park in Yuma.

At the Visitors Center we paid for 7 days stay at Cholla Campground. A wapping $21. I was also able to get my Senior Access Pass. A birthday present from the US for turning 62. Never mind that I had to pay $10 for my present but we just saved that much and more for being able to stay here for 1/2 price.


This was our second day to the visitor center. It was windy and cold.


As the rest of the country struggles with horrible winter conditions, we too are in the freezing numbers for a temperature. We are blessed, though, with the sun coming out each day and a very blue sky to fill up our solar to 100%.

Life is good. God is watching over us.

Footnote: I have come to love the desert and it many scenes. It is a beautiful place but I still prefer the mountains.


One thought on “Hitting the Mountains

    Sue said:
    February 4, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    If you are lucky you can get to see the desert in bloom! Just beautiful. Winter is my favorite time in AZ. Having to pay the $10 for your senior pass is the best thing. It is so great to go into the Natl Parks as often as you want during a stay!

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