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It has been a long time since we jumped in the truck and went exploring. Today we decided to check out other possibilities for a camping spot next year. We went to the end of our 2 mile dirt road and turned right toward Quartzsite. We wanted to see if we could find a place back in near the mountains. Dale rides by these mountains when he goes mountain bike riding.

There are many roads that lead off towards the mountains, but we didn’t know which one actually took us to those mountains. Dale calls these mountains “the three humps.” Obviously, we don’t know the real name! The roads that are off Plomosa Road are for 14-day BLM camping. We just started with the first road and worked our way down Plomosa.


Trying to find the right road to the mountains.


This part of Plomosa Rd is popular with Rver’s. Bouse is only a few miles away where there is the convenience of the having mail sent to the Post Office; a couple of grocery stores, diesel and propane. There is also water and a dump station at the county park.


We found some mountains.


We are far from the mountains we were looking for but, hey, this mountain could work out for us. Alas, the road to this spot was not a good road to take our 5er down. It was beautiful back here and it looked like some great hiking could be had. On the way back to Plomosa Road a coyote ran in front of us. That would be a draw back by being in the mountains. Closer to the coyotes. They don’t bother us now so Annie would have to be more careful, day and night.

Farther up the road we see rigs parked next to the mountains. We decided to check this area out but knew that we wouldn’t want to camp her for more than a week or two. This spot is between Bouse and Quartzsite enough that we couldn’t just “run” and get water or dump. Quartzsite is about 23 miles from Bouse so this are would be in the middle of that drive.


Nice place to camp


As you can see, the area for camping would be awesome. Huge spot and mountains and far enough off the road not to worry about strangers coming to your camp. This was pretty nice though.

We didn’t find the road we wanted but that will be for another day.

Life is good, God is the best!


One thought on “Exploring

    evie sanchez said:
    January 5, 2011 at 12:19 pm

    I love the sounds of coyotes. The picture you ave on here awwww so quiet…. NICE!

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