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We had a couple of busy days the last couple of days. Christmas Bazaars are going on in the area and we cannot miss them!

The one in Bouse started on Friday at 9 am. We were disappointed, as I know they were too, that not many vendors showed up. I was disappointed because I was going to do my Christmas shopping at one of the vendors who makes the neatest packages. Bummer. I ended up buying a crocheted hot pad with bright colors. I paid $2.50 for it which buys the skein of yarn it took to make it. That is the thing with crafts is that you don’t get paid for your labor. That is unless you can get multiply projects out of one skein of yarn!

We had to get water and decided we needed two trips to the faucet at the county park. So we got one on the way to the bazaar and one when we got back from Quartzsite. Yep, laundry day. With that finished and packed away in the truck, we had lunch at Carl’s Jr. and stopped at the bead shops. I signed up for another beading class and I am excited about this one.

Today, we traveled to the little bump in the road called Brenda. It is about 20 miles from us and 10 from Quartzsite. It bazaar was at the Brenda RV Park and they put on quite an event. There were more vendors here and I did end up purchasing a tee-shirt with braiding around the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. I need to learn how to do this craft! Makes a dressy t-shirt. I also purchased two quilt type pieces. One is of block cats and I put it on the living room end table. The other is a runner for the kitchen table. It has a hot red pepper theme. Both were reasonably priced. These bazaars are usually jewelry and hand crafted items.

We stayed for lunch as they were serving cheese burgers with fried onions, a bag of chips and a root beer float for $5. Couldn’t pass up a deal like that. We sat at a table with a gentleman who was from Colorado and stayed at the park. We pumped him for information on the park! Then a blind lady, Jean, sat with us and she was very interesting. Not because she was blind but because she was from New York. We had a great time being social!

The guys did stop at Joyce’s Craft Shop so I could sign up Janet and Kathy for the bead class. I also purchased about $5 worth the beads for the class. I am all set.

The weather was hot with a small wind. Just a good day all around.

Life is excellent! God listens and smiles!


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