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It is really hard to blog about stuff. I just don’t want to tell you all the normal things we do and what we had for lunch! Since we are sitting still for a few months and there really isn’t any “sights” to see here, well, life is just good and normal.

I have attended two beading classes. I have found beading to be fun and relaxing. This is the bracelet from the second class. I gave away the three bracelets I made from the first class before taking photos. Silly blonde!

The pattern was called Purple Haze. I made it Green Haze. The pattern was easy to follow which was a big help for this beginner. There is a lot to learn about beads and stitches. At this time I don’t want to get into wire and tools and such. Using string is enough for now. The pattern came from  here.

Yesterday we went to Parker, AZ to shop and take in a movie. We saw the Denzil Washington movie, “Unstoppable.” Was very gripping and fun. Several scenes required the eyes to be covered. We had dinner at the Casino buffet for $6.95. Can’t beat that for a good dinner.

Today, I am making cornbread to go with dinner and some pumpkin bread also since the oven will be heated up. Just a good day to bake and give the dog a bath. It is very dusty out here.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. Life is good!


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