Birthday Month

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This month, November, becomes our birthday month. Which blows Christmas out of the park!!! We start off with Courtney’s birthday on October 28. Then comes Dustin’s birthday on November 1, followed by Chloe’s birthday on November 2. We skip a day and celebrate Lesa’s birthday on November 4th. We get a breather until November 11 when we celebrate Melanie’s birthday. November 13 takes us to Dale’s mom’s birthday and Morgan’s and Amika’s birthday. (They are 10 this year.) Good friend, Allie, is the 15th of November and then me, on the 22nd. But wait. The next month, December, celebrates Jacob’s birthday on the 15th, John’s birthday on the 17th and Char’s birthday on the 23rd. Whew. That ends the birthdays until February and July. I am glad my family is so small cuz with November/December/Christmas our birthdays blow the bank.

With that said, I have been with my daughter for the last two weeks celebrating all our birthdays. We went to Universal Studio’s in Pasadena, CA this last week. What a fun place. Dustin was able to join as it was his day off work. John, however, couldn’t be with us. He was in the middle of rotation and can’t be more than 50 miles from the fort.

We rode the Jurassic Park ride with scenes from the movie along the water way. Dinosaurs got us wet! The last big dip and the car came over the hump, splashing us all. Next we rode the ride from The Mummy. We should have done that one again because all I remember is the dark. We then had lunch at the little restaurant between the two rides. But before lunch, one of the “Pharaoh’s” chased Courtney into the restaurant. A guy on stilts, dressed in the Mummy Pharaoh garb – with plenty of ‘abs’ showing. Evidently, they have this stare and it made her nervous. 14 year old girls!!!! 🙂

We then hiked back up 3 escalators to get back up top (yes they were running) where the main part of US is. We stood in line for about 30 minutes to take the tour of US. We rode in three cars around the studio. Quiet please where taping was going on – CSI, Las Vegas, a Harrison Ford (and no, we didn’t see anyone famous, drats!) movie and Desperate Housewives. We saw Wisteria Lane. We drove by many of the cars used in movies (Back to the Future cars, Tom Selleck Magnum PI). They drove us into a tunnel, shut the doors and we were treated to a 3-D movie of King Kong fighting the dinosaurs. The cars rocked back and forth and lots of “screams” coming from people. I did let one out when a spider leg came my way. It was an awesome treat. We also saw Jaws set in the marina and Jaws himself! We saw the set of “War of the Worlds” with Tom Cruise. The airplane used was a real airplane – in pieces, smoking. Norman Bates came out to threaten us with his big knife at the Bates Motel while his “mom” was seen in the window of their house. “Fast and Furious” put on a display of pyro techs with two cars. We saw a log cabin where “Coach” was filmed plus a lot of other movies. They had a big blue screen they used to change the settings of movies taped there. A huge space for a lake was also there.

They took us to what they call “the New York street”, “Little Europe”, a Mexican town (with a huge flood coming down the street and barely missed us), and many other building fronts used in movies. Most of the sets burned a few years back and they have been busy rebuilding. We also saw a “Western town” they use. It was all very interesting.

We learned how digital has become a big source of making films in one studio but using different periods of time and cultures. A big green screen, a town in Italy thrown up on it and wah-lah, you are there.

Our last exhibit was Water World. They had the whole setting with seats around it for us to watch the play. It was like being in the movie – whether a good thing or not!!! They blew stuff up, shot up each other, and threw water on the first 5 rows of seats of each section. We were glad we were on the section we were as he wasn’t heavy into throwing water on people like the other two guys. We sat at the very top of the stadium seating anyway to insure we didn’t get wet. It was too cold out!

After all the fun, we went to City Walk where all the shops are and had dinner at Johnny Rockets. The kids bought some tee shirts. Even though the “get-in price” was a bit steep, we had a great time. (and US are making big bucks at this attraction, let me tell you!)

Tomorrow we go back to take in Medieval Times and Knott’s Berry Farm.

(no camera cord to download pictures. later on the photo’s)

One thought on “Birthday Month

    evie sanchez said:
    November 12, 2010 at 11:26 am

    oh my i was cheering happy birthdays and then next you had me screaming with all the thrills you’ve gone through. Such fun and joy… life is so good

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