Busy, Busy, Busy

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We have not stopped since we left Indian Valley Campground last Sunday. We have either been shopping for our return to Bouse in Arizona the end of November or babysitting Chloe while Ben has been working or on call.

We left our camp hosting job on Hwy 49 early Sunday morning. It was pouring down rain. So much so the campground had its own rivers and was flooding. But then it had been raining steady for 48 hours. It was quite wet. Dale was soaked through to the skin by the time he got the internet down and stowed away. As we were backing out of the campground we didn’t see a branch up high in the tree so when I told Dale the awning arm was down in the bushes he kind of looked at me like “are you nuts.” For the first time we did some major damage to our rig. We broke the cover to the motor of the awning and totally wiped out the light fixture on the side. After much thought, Dale made a new rule. When the truck is in reverse with the rig hooked up I am outside guiding him. I did offer to stand out in the rain!

We made it to our favorite RV Park in Verdi, NV – Gold Ranch. We had a great spot and all but we were only there one night. We pulled out early because we had an appointment at Les Schwab to get the brakes and bearings checked. We ended up getting new everything to the tune of $500. But we are set for another 3 years.

We have been having fun taking care of Chloe. We have taught her how to climb up the stairs! We didn’t keep totally to her schedule. And we made her laugh a lot. She is a very happy baby and a good baby. She has a nanny, Martha, who is so good with her. We tease that Chloe will speak Spanish before she gets to English! It has been a delight being with her. 

One night here we had dinner brought to us by Mindy and her fellow, Scott. They brought Chinese food and it was so good. It was fun being with family. On Thursday, Joe came to dinner and talked a blue streak. It was good to see him also. He is working for Amazon so he filled us in on all he does and how the company operates.

Dale is staying this next week to help Ben out. Kim will be home on the weekend. I am off to Barstow to spend a couple of weeks with my daughter’s family. I will get my Nana fix. It is our birthday’s so we will be celebrating big time.

So that has been our week as “retired RVers” once again. We are very anxious getting back to Bouse and the desert. I am looking forward to 80 degree weather tomorrow! It has been cold in Reno so I am glad to be leaving here.

Life is good! God is grace and mercy.


2 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

    char and wayne said:
    October 31, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Glad to hear you made it off the mountain. We saw you stopped on the road, when we were on our way to IV to shut off the water in the rain. It did not stop raining and snowing for two days after you left. By the way which tree was it, we will cut it or the branch down for you. We left Wed and it was 18 degrees. We had to warm the slides with the blow dryer to melt the ice so we could bring them in. We had some tire issues on the way off the mountion. We lost one tire on the trailer and the second one was going to go with it. God was with us and we were able to stop in a wide spot in the road and unhook from the truck. Proves thatyou never know when God grace will touch you!!!
    The guys at Les Schab in Portala were great. They helped us round up parts for the hubs and had us on our way in a couple of hours. We have traveled for the last 5 days with out any other issues. We will be at my brothers in a couple of miles. Thanks for the books that you gave me. I have been reading them since I left the mountain and enjoying every page. In Gods grace. Char and Wayne

    Janice said:
    October 31, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Oh dear Gwen. Sorry to hear you got a booboo on your RV :o)
    Hugs – Janice

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