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I know you all are holding your breath to know what e-reader Dale purchased. He cancelled his Kindle order because the Kindle doesn’t support the .epub file extension and it would have been a pain trying to take an .epub book and converting it to the file extension Kindle requires.  Now you can breathe again!!! 🙂 I am so excited. I have “borrowed” my first audio book from the library. I downloaded it last night and will listen to it while I knit. To download an audio book I had to get software from software reads WMA files which are files that protect the book’s copyrights. I am going to see if my MP3 will play it as they say it will. Need to try everything, right! My Nook, unfortunately, does not support the WMA files  but hopefully they will get smart and change that. Gosh, this new age stuff can be quite exciting! Now, for an important detail I haven’t shared with you all. Yes, that is Dale! Around the middle of August he decided that to look like a retired camp host he needed a beard. So begin the journey of a husband with hair on his face. LOL I think he sort of looks like Jack Cornell, a friend of ours. They are cycling buddies. One day I came home after work and the beard was gone and my real husband was back. Oh the things we do when we get “younger.” Another event I want to share with you is a video Dale made when he rode is 100 miles last Tuesday. Click here: It will make you smile. As he explains, “It was a musical century ride they did in S. Tahoe for their band.” What a goof! Tomorrow is our last day of work. Yahoo! Back to being retired and fancy free. Although, we are babysitting Chloe this coming week. Kim’s mom, Nancy, has been diagnosed with cancer and she is flying back home to be with her. Ben is on call and needs someone to be there with Chloe. That’s US!!! This will be a “piece of cake” job. So we are off to Reno on Sunday. Life is good and God is in control of it all!


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