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When my daughter visited she was to bring me my Mother’s Day present. She had gotten me a gift certificate to Lion Brand Yarns. I was so excited to go shopping for knitting goodies. When she arrived at the campground she handed me a box and explained she couldn’t find the gift certificate. Do you know what that does to a knitter? (sad face) Instead, inside this box she gave me was a Barnes and Noble Nook – an e-reader. I was astounded! Speechless! and I cried. What a wonderful gift.

My Nook:

And the cover I bought for it. I always felt like I would drop it. And the cover makes it feel as if you are really holding a book in your hands. The quote printed on the front and back is: “A GOOD BOOK IS THE BEST OF FRIENDS, THE SAME TODAY AND FOREVER.”  Martin Tupper

I also discovered that e-books that are in paperback are less expensive to download from B&N than buying a book at Costco or a store. My Nook is a 3G/Wi-Fi and very easy to use. I guess you could say that I am in love with this new fangled way of reading a book! I do like the convenience of carrying the Nook in my purse and not have it weigh me down as a book would. The book series I am reading is over 1000 pages. Nice and thick in a paperback. Yes, it does go most everywhere I go!

Dale has been thinking about getting a Kindle. I think he is nuts. He needs to get a Nook. His Kindle and my Nook will not be compatible for sharing e-books. His Kindle may be turned sideways and have a full keyboard, but when the battery goes dead it has to be sent in to the company to be replaced. Not so the Nook. Now don’t you think he needs to get a Nook!

Dale just completed his 100 mile ride and he isn’t limping or complaining. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Friends from our Escapee Chapter stopped by today. Al and Sue. They drive a camper (very nice one) and pull their Smart car. They look so cute going down the road. It was good to see them and spend some time chatting. Thanks for stopping by!

Life is good. We are out of here on Sunday!



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