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It is a rainy day here in Indian Valley Campground. The clouds moved in last night and the skies let go with their heavy burden. The temps cooled down but I refused to give up wearing my work shorts! I did the rounds today and did get wet. Dale was on his bike and he also got wet. I think it is time to head to the desert!

Here are some photo’s of the family get-together at Ben’s house. Dale’s folks and two sisters drove up from Sacramento to visit Chloe. We happened to be able to drive over. We had a nice lunch and Miss Chloe was the main attraction. She was on many laps and got many hugs.


Dale, Doris and Sandy holding Chloe
Chloe loves her jumper and really get going!
Great Grandpa Dale
from left, Dale Sr., Ben, Sandy and Chloe, Doris and Dale
This is how Chloe crawls now.
Her new thing that day - hanging out the lip. Guess it felt good!
Dale and his mom, Doris. Two peas in a pod!


We have been told that the campground will be closed on the 25th of this month. We are so excited. We may leave on Sunday due to the way the weather is acting up on Monday. Shall see. We are going back to Bocca for a few days until our reservations in Verdi is due up – the 29th. We will be there a week visiting and enjoying the granddaughter and family. We like staying at the Gold Ranch RV Park. Reasonable rates and very nice people. They also have a laundry room where I will wash our blankets and rugs for the winter to come in Arizona.

Life is good! Our Lord is merciful and full of glory!


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