More With My Daughter and Granddaughter

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Our visit with Lesa and Courtney was very fulfilling and fun. John came and stayed until Saturday morning. He had to get home to go to work on Monday only to find out their was no work on Monday. He had been on vacation and no one told him work was cancelled on Monday. John is in the Air Force and stationed at Ft. Irwin, CA.

We took walks, worked in the campground, cooked meals together and went to pizza in Downieville. The weather was just right but not cold enough to keep the bugs at bay. The girls loved the area and the river. I would hear them sigh and say how good it smelled here in the woods. They both miss Oregon forests and green. Living in the desert provides a different landscape and smells. They have been at Ft. Irwin for 2.5 years and really miss being in the forest.

One night, John and Court went outside and started a fire. Lesa had bought all the ingredients for Smores. I found a marshmallow stick leftover from Howard Prairie days. We set up our lawn chairs and all sat around the fire roasting marshmallows. The night was just cool enough to need a fire but not cold enough that we were freezing. It was a good evening.

John and Lesa. Lesa is snuggling up to the fire!
Courtney made Katy, her dog, get on her lap. At one point we looked over at her and she was sound asleep!

3 thoughts on “More With My Daughter and Granddaughter

    Courtney(: said:
    September 18, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    That Is A Cute Picture. But I Look Lame.

    Evie Sanchez said:
    September 19, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Courtney is way to cute for her own good! That pic just made me giggle and remind me of my Laci (the best dog ever)… Everyone is wearing shorts – I still only own 1 pair and haven’t worn them in forever – way to cold for that!! 67 degrees tomorrow – brrrrrr and it will get colders they say QUICK!!

    Gwen said:
    September 19, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    Yes, Courtney is too cute! I wore shorts today and had goosebumps. Not liking the thought of wearing long pants! Time for Arizona.
    Evie, you are just way to high up in the mountains for shorts. LOL

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