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Labor Day Weekend is almost over. People are leaving and soon the campground will be so very quiet. This weekend gave us a pretty quiet crowd which was nice. We were busy Thursday and Friday but managed to sneak off on Sunday to Yuba City because we knew everyone was settled in and playing on the river. All reservations had arrived and been taken care of. Now for some fun for us.

Yuba City had everything we need as far as retail stores and they are about an hour away. They had a nice indoor mall too. We had a nice lunch at Lumberjacks. The place was clean, friendly and not that expensive. Yet, my fish and chips ended up to be frozen cod sticks and no amount of their great fries would make up for that. We probably won’t eat there again. We found a Sunflower Market/Health Food Store and we were so excited. We loved the one in New Mexico. However, they weren’t open so instead of being disappointed we will just have to go back and catch them when they are open.

Winco is a favorite place to buy groceries because they seem to have everything I need. They have bulk items too. Their produce is very good. And the prices are in-line with our budget. I laugh because it took me a long time to shop at Winco. Fred Meyers was my choice but for prices, Winco wins out.

So we had a very good day after our morning of working. When we got back everything was buzzing along quite nicely so we knew we weren’t missed. Today, we will go out after 2pm  to clean up after everyone and put the campgrounds back the way they were before the crowds came in. Then we are off the next two days. Which means my daughter and granddaughter will be here for a week. I am so excited!

Life is good. God is better.


One thought on “Quiet

    Evie Sanchez said:
    September 11, 2010 at 12:30 pm

    Isn’t it just GREAT all that peace – but with all that peace that just means winter is close by…. Uggg lol in fact fall is here on the 23rd… Already! Sounds like you two are doing a great job over there… Will you work this winter or have a complete down time… Will you come back next season?

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