To Recap The Week

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Another week has flown by. The good news is that school starts today and our campgrounds are almost empty. It was so quiet here last night.

Dale and I took some time and went to Comptonville, Nevada City and Grass Valley. On the way down Hwy 49 we saw a “Farmers Market” sign so had to stop at Comptonville to check it out. They had some of the yummyest home-grown veggies. We picked up some beefsteak tomatoes, zucchini and homemade pickles (just like my grandmother use to can). Also splurged on some red onion, garlic jam that won best of show at the California State Fair. The market wasn’t big by any means but the produce was very nice.

Our next stop was Nevada City which is down 49 and on Hwy 20. I don’t know if we ever found the town but we did find the bike shop and the yarn shop. I had a delightful time looking at the projects they had on display and getting an over-stimulate of ideas for next projects. Dale tried out some kind of flashing lights for the back of his bike.

In Grass Valley we found a place to cut a key for the house, buy groceries and deposit our first paychecks at Wells Fargo ATM. This machine scans the checks so we have a copy of what we deposited. Pretty cool.

Late Saturday night we got an email from our boss, Wayne, that he was having a sour dough pancake breakfast and we were invited. I guess we had unplugged the fax machine and the phone was dead as a door nail. So we trekked off to Sardine Campground up 49 to the Bassets turn-off. Sardine Campground is on Sardine Lake and up about 5388 in elevation. The campground is very nice but totally full on a Sunday morning.

Camp hots in our area.

We had a great time visiting and eating homemade waffles and pancakes. We have planned a pot luck for next Sunday night.

Our site manager and chef extraordinaire.

This little side trip of 30 miles one way took us off our schedule. While Dale went for a bike ride from Sardine CG, I drove home to clean 15 toilets! Now does that seem fair!!!! 🙂

Another good day in the Indian Valley Canyon.


One thought on “To Recap The Week

    evie sanchez said:
    August 19, 2010 at 1:20 am

    Well he went for a work out and you got one yourself – however you got paid…. But no not really – lol…. Your crew downe there seem to all get along – your so luck… I’m so glad you two are doing so well… Still looking for winter work but also having a blast (out-side the campgrounds) here in Mammoth Lakes…

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