Took A Little Drive

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This last Sunday, we decided to go check out Pecos, NM and surrounding area for a camping spot for a week where we don’t have reservations with a state park. We chose this area because it has some National Forest Campgrounds and we want to see the historic Pecos National Forest. Pecos also is on Route 66 and gives you an idea of what some of that route was way back when! The Pecos Trail also comes through here.

We came to Pecos and went north up 63 into the forest. Our destination was Holy Ghost Campground outside of Holy Ghost, NM. Travelling up this road brought us to a monastery, fish hatchery, lakes and rivers. A view of the valley was incredible.

We came to a Y in the road. To the left is the way to Holy Ghost Campground and to the right was Tererro. First we took the left road and found this old bridge.

Then we looked at the road we would be taking our trailer on if we came to camp at this campground.

The road followed the Holy Ghost Creek and we kept saying, “There are not pull-outs for a trailer!” We did meet a few cars as there are summer homes up in them thar mountains and a community of log houses. We knew we could pull our 36′ trailer down the road but…….

When we got to the campground (which the road dead-ends into) we were amazed at the people camping here. And we loved the campground. It is back in the forest with nothing around it and only the sounds of a rushing creek. We picked out our spot….

Right next to the creek. But after going back down the road we decided that it would be more of a challenge  meeting other vehicles going the opposite direction for us. Our concerns were magnified when we stopped at Field Track Campground and talked to the host. He made it sound as if people aren’t very co-operative about backing up for a bigger rig. We were also told that in order to stay at Holy Ghost we would have to smoke pot!!!! FT campground is nice too but the camp sites don’t get much sun and you can only run your generator 30 minutes in 3 hours. We may give this campground a try or not.

After coming out of Holy Ghost Campground we decided to check out the little village across the creek. We saw only this store and a post office.

The store closes at 5pm so we didn’t get to visit them. Hanging on the rafters were 8 humming bird feeders. All the feeders were being used and humming birds were flying everywhere. And the noise they make all together was a steady hum. It was awesome.

We did find another camp site just to the left of the store on the other side of the creek. It is a Fish and Wildlife campground that is free. It was dirty and garbage was overflowing to the ground. People were camped there.  It just didn’t look safe to me. We shall see. Options are many and we will find a campsite somewhere! We are checking out BLM today. There is a big office in Santa Fe.

Our drive was pleasant and I would have you know we passed up a DQ in Pecos. Life is good. God is good.


One thought on “Took A Little Drive

    Evie Sanchez said:
    July 30, 2010 at 9:35 pm

    I’m not a bird fan but do love photo’s of them – I guess it’s because they can’t bite me that way – lol… The area your in is so green – I love that… Congrats on you know what. I am so happy for you two…..

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