Fiber, Sheep and Spinning Wheels

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After our tour of the Alpaca Ranch, we couldn’t resist visiting the Tierra Wools Co-op in Los Ojos. We found this small village on our way to Heron Lake State Park. Samantha took us on a route that wound through lush green foliage and farms on a one lane road we prayed would accommodate our RV! As we passed through this village, we noticed that the woolen store was the only store on this very short main street that was open. Around the corner was their church and then we were out of the village and on our way to the park.

Tierra Wools, is a fiber enthusiasts dream come true. Inside this 120 year old adobe building you will find how to spin, dye and weave wool from Churro Sheep who are direct descendents  of the sheep brought by the Spanish to the new world 400 years ago. Their shop proudly displays hanks of yarn in a rainbow of colors for purchase. Weaver’s designs decorate the walls and are also for sale. Dale and I loved everything we saw, yet we couldn’t afford more than a bookmark! (Oh, the budget of retired folk!)

In the back room sits about 8 weaving looms of which 2 are in use. We stop to chat with the ladies who are busily creating rugs or tapestries.

She has been standing most of the day weaving. Look below her to see what work she has weaved during the day!

Preparation for weaving a design is very involved. Looking at the finished product that some of these weavers made is amazing. This loom is ready to go with all its yarn tied and strung.

I would love to see the final product!!!

The side room off the shop displayed rugs and tapestries. We even found some rifle covers that had been weaved. Also in this room was a spinning wheel and a smaller spinning device.

Beautiful, aren’t they. Tierra Wools also has classes and if we had been in the area longer I would have been tempted to give weaving a go! One day. One day.


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