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We walked on about another half mile, found a log in the shade and had lunch. Then headed back. Morgan needed to get in the river. Morgan found some green to roll in!

Okay, here are some photo’s of our time at Heron Lake State Park. We moved on today and I was sad to see us leave so early from this park. Usually, we stay a couple of weeks but we had to get on to Santa Fe. We had reservations at Hyde Memorial SP. I like this park because:

  1. It was quiet! That is always something we look for.
  2. It was in the forest amongst the pine trees.
  3. It had great trails for hiking
  4. It had water to swim in or just sit and enjoy.

First, to show you the hike we took to the Rio Chama Canyon and river. It was a very hot day. We only made a 3 mile hike out of it because of the heat. It was an interesting hike as we climbed down stairs, then rock stairs and finally railroad ties for stairs. The going was easy but let me tell you that going back up was like “I am going to die.” I drank a quart of water on the hike plus shared with Morgan.

These are the stairs from the parking lot to our downward climb.
We are still going downward to the Rio Chama River.
The river was beautiful winding through this canyon.
A bridge over the river is provide for us to cross to get to the trail that leads up the mountain.
The planks are so uneven we had to be careful. We thought taking a bike on this trail would be good. NOT!

At places this trail was very difficult. When it leveled out we even walked through sand.

This trail is 5.5 miles long and ends at the La Vada Lake which makes this a one way trail if your transportation is at the other end of the trail! Like I said, it would have been great to ride the bike but no way on this trail. Way to steep and rocky. It was a good hike and a good day! I wasn’t thinking about getting back. Just give me a cold shower! Life is good.


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