Storrie Lake State Park

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Finding Storrie Lake State Park became a challenge for us. Or could it have been all the road work or the fact the sign to turn left was sandwiched in between other signs or it could have been we were so caught up in the sights we failed to see the sign to turn!!! We found ourselves heading for the airport and back on I25. On the second swing by Las Vegas we were given clear instructions on how to get to Storrie Lake State Park.

This is a strange park to us. We are finding that each state park, although adhering to the rules and ways of the state system, is as individual as human beings are. This park is right off Hwy 518 and private residences. There is a gate and check in with the person manning the visitor center before 5. The reservation sites are to the left on a loop. The first come sites are to the right and placed side by side like an RV park. There are a few sites stuck here and there which are closer to the lake. Then there is the primitive camping in this huge field that lays right down to the lake’s edge. The park has fields of weeds that need mowing all around the campsites.

This is our space. See those blue skies? We haven’t seen blue skies like this since we arrived. We have been hailed on and rained on continuously. We have even had to turn on our propane! Thank goodness we are only here until Sunday. Not our kind of park. Tomorrow I will show you the town of Las Vegas. I think it is a pretty cool town because of all the old buildings and its history.


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