Manzano Wilderness

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After checking the weather reports we found a day where the thunder showers we have been having decided to take a rest and give us a cloudless blue sky and warm temps. A great day for a hike up Red Canyon into the Manzano Wilderness.

We drove up to the canyon which is probably only a mile or two from our campsite. Dale has been biking up in this area for days now. Loggers are thinning out the forest up that way and have been steadily cutting down trees to help, as they say, in curtailing any fires that start. The area had a huge burn recently. With all the lightning we have seen it is no wonder.

We parked in the space reserved for hikers in the campground. We followed the trail we wanted until it petered out. We still don’t know where it went. We had to walk to the end of the campground and got on a very nice trail that would lead into the wilderness. The signs posted warned us of bears and cougars. Darn, where is that bear spray. Oh, of course, at home!

Like most mountain hikes, this one led up straight up the mountain. It was a good climb and with the trees for shade the day was cool. The trail showed runoff from the rains we had been having. Ferns, grass and vine were lush and green along the trail. As we walked we could hear water. Morgan found the Red Canyon Creek and took a swim. We were so thankful to find water because she gets so hot on these hikes. We also came across some waterfalls. Pretty neat!

Butterflies were out in abundance. We came across many black and white ones. We found this guy fluttering around on the ground.

This butterfly may be an owl relative!

I also walked over this lady but. You know me, can’t help but take a photo – on macro!

I also got some shots of wildflowers.

We hiked up this steep incline and came to sheer rock in front of us. There was also this great backpacking site for a camp and looked to be used as such from time to time.

Aspens have been a favorite tree since I was a child and we found some big ones up here.

We had a great hike this day! I was sore the next day though. We were trying to get around the mountain on this trail. Next time. It was beautiful and so much fun.


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