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We have been having fun celebrating our 1 year anniversary – retirement and realizing a dream of ours – fulltime RVing. It is also a time for one of our favorite “sport” event, Wimbledon in jolly old England and the All England Club. Dale is so wanting one of their towels! Of course, we have our favorites and http://www.tourneytopia.com has set up a tourney of their own by letting people pick who will will each game.

Direct TV has this wonderful channel, 701, that shows all the matches going on and we can push the red button on our remote to see all the standings, who won and so forth. Dale and I especially like this feature because we get to see players we don’t know play and all the “rounds” being played. Thanks Direct TV! (we don’t pay extra for this either!)

As  you know we are in the Manzano Mountains about 50 miles from Albuquerque. Boy have I learned to spell that town. We have a private space and just love the solitude and quiet of this park. Except for the workers who run around on their 4-wheeler at 7:30 am to empty the garbage! There isn’t that much to do here with 17 spaces and two hosts!! Otherwise, this is a wonderful place up in the mountains. They have a hiking trail system that is awesome and Dale gets to do some mountain biking each day.

The weather has been hot, however, thunderstorms have been coming in each afternoon and evening and the rain cools us off. The bugs are horrible. Remember our dissing on the black bugs at Gerber last year at this time? Yup, those biting rascals are here too and enjoying Dale’s legs. I finally got our screened tent up so maybe we can enjoy our days outside.

While in Gallup we attended the 62nd annual Lions Club Rodeo. Now, I was drug to these events when a child. When one came to town I knew we would be there. I loved being around all the horses, (what country girl didn’t!) but sitting still for hours was not my cup of tea at all. A woe to the person (mom) who made me sit so long. So when Dale suggested going to this rodeo my reactions was not a positive one or very friendly! 🙂 Because marriage is made up of compromises I went for my honey!  Thank goodness all the good stuff was over in an hour and a half and we were out of there. I can say that Dale will be satisfied for about 10 years about going to a rodeo.

Life is still good and God is so gracious with His blessings. All glory goes to Him!


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