A Few Things…..

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We are busy running around seeing things. So the travel log will continue shortly!!! We have moved. We are up in the mountains, the Manzano Mountains with the pine trees. Today is overcast and rain! Yahoo! It was like 88 yesterday and miserable!

Update on Chloe. She traveled all the way back east on an airplane Memorial Weekend to see her grandparents. We haven’t heard yet how she did on the plane but they are back home and a-okay. She is 7 months old in these photo’s and as I understand she is sitting up now! Yeah.

Chloe is 2nd from the right. Just sittin' around with her cousins.

She also went to Lodi to visit her other cousin and her great-grandparents.

Cousins Ben and Shannon show off their children! Grandpa and Grandma Prohaska holding the grand kids.

I also wanted to share with you all a Bible study that Wendy Blight is hosting on Ephesians. The Lord led me to this site through the Proverbs 31 ministry. If you are interested jump on over to http://www.wendyblight.com/ She presents a 10 minute video of instructions and a lesson each week. God is going to do some mighty work in over 1800 women from around the world who have signed up.

And finally…..

It is our anniversary!

Yep, one year ago today we became full-time Rvers! What a year it has been. Incredible and life is so good and so blessed. We hope to go out to dinner to celebrate tonight. That is if we can find a restaurant. I had better pull something out of the freezer for just in case.

Thanks to all who have followed us and we hope to bring you more adventure in the coming year!!!!!


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