Time To Pack Up

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Well, its time to pack up and move out. We are leaving this area tomorrow. We have really spread out so will be very busy today. I am going to tackle cleaning out the fridge and freezer. Dale maintains the thermister was okay and it was just the heat that caused our freezer to freeze to zero degrees and our fridge to maintain a cool 50 degrees! The manual said that propane doesn’t work the same in altitudes over 5500 feet in elevation. So we don’t know what was really going on. The new thermister was installed and we cooled off to the seventies/eighties. The fridge temps are now where they belong – 42 degrees. Elevation stayed the same. Go figure!

Morgan and I will take our last walk down into the canyon so she can play in the water. I like the hike down (not so much the hike up) and she loves it all. She beats me to the creek every time!

This face says it all! We had an awesome two weeks here at Bluewater Lake State Park!

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