Took a Little Hike

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Looking north.

The temperatures have dropped from the high 90’s to the low 70’s and we love it. Although, we had to drag out the jeans again! So we decided to find the trail down into the Bluewater Canyon to the Bluewater creek. Dale and Morgan took the high trail that goes by the dam and the other side of the creek. This time we found a trail into the canyon from the campsites on the canyon ridge.

Looking south.

It was so beautiful on the creek. Lush grasses and cat tails. The creek was running swiftly. Morgan had so much fun swimming and rolling in the grasses. We found many signs that the wild horses also love this canyon. We were told the horses that come into the park are wild and belong to the Navajo Nation. Some form of commitment was made back in 1948 that the park had to let the horses come in. That is why there is horse poop everywhere!

Horse print.
Wild rose garden!

We hiked down the creek looking for a way to cross over to the other side and come up the trail Dale and Morgan took. However, the only way across the creek was to wade. Dale wasn’t going to take his boots off! Wussy. So we backtracked home. We found a beautiful spot to camp if we could get the trailer down into the canyon. In the grass and by the creek!

We ran out of creek side to walk on and had to go into the forest. The way was rough but the tough get going!

Dale is reading about Lewis and Clark. Is it rubbing off!

Good hike, cool weather but hot too and Morgan running around happy to be playing in the water. We did throw the stick for her and it was pretty deep and she went under. Surprised us all. She actually jumped from a huge boulder into the water. Crazy dog at her age.

She just rolled in the grass and is shaking off.
Biting water!

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