Gallup, New Mexico

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Gallup, New Mexico is about 37 miles from Bluewater Lake State Park. The town is also pretty close to the Arizona border. So much so we have all our Arizona local TV channels from Direct TV!!! Anyway, Dale, Morgan and I took a drive up I40 to see what we could see.

Red mountains along I40

As we head west toward Gallup we come up to a sign that says “Refinery.” Sure enough, it is an oil refinery alongside the highway. A little way up the road we come to another sign that reads and we cross over the Continental Divide. Next comes a Loves Truck Stop with all services and a Dennys. Nothing else out and around this place. Not even a major division of highways.

As we come into Gallup, we notice the high concentration of “Trading Posts.” The Navajo and Acoma, and Zuni tribes sell their wares in Gallup. These replica’s of these posts are placed at the exits into Gallup. This one was at the Chamber of Commerce. The design comes from the tribes of the past.

As you know, Route 66 is a big deal as it should be in these parts. This old building sits on one corner of the Historic Route 66. We did find Wal-Mart on the other end of town along with a 4 lane street lined with fast food and restaurants, an indoor mall and strip malls. We went from the old town to the new town. We did stop at a car wash but it seemed to be out of business although there wasn’t any signs to say so. Dale lost one quarter to it’s machines until we realized the truck wouldn’t get washed here! We did find two car washes right together. As Dale was getting ready to drop his quarters an Indian man materialized and started up a conversation with him. He was selling bracelets and/or asking for money to get back to his home in Oklahoma. We donated to his cause. He was a talkative soul.

We also took in the movie (two movie houses in Gallup) “Robin Hood.” We both throughly enjoyed this different story line into the life of one of the world’s heroes. I was hoping this movie wouldn’t be a “guy” movie like “Gladiator” was. Cate Blanchett kept that from happening. After the movie we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, The Golden Corral. They had a “Rib” promotion going on and that is one of my favorites. No so with Dale so we don’t eat them at home. Yummy.

On the way home we noticed all these military bunkers. Fort Wingate is nearby. This fort was established in the 1800’s to control the Navajo Indian Nation and the Apaches. The fort has been closed.

We had a very good day here.

One of these mountains is Church Rock. 


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