Boy, I am Lazy!

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Sorry for not posting sooner. Just been lazy because the temps are in the high 90’s. So I go lethargic! I have pictures so will download them later. It is time for dinner right now.

We moved on from Albuquerque to Bluewater Lake State Park by Prewitt. We went west! Before we left we filled our propane bottle. Yikes. $3.95/gal. Came to almost $30. The most we have ever paid.

We have reservations at this state park from the 8th through the end of the month but found a better campsite that is more private. The lake is very nice and this seems to be a popular place. I think we will enjoy our time here. Lots to see around Gallup.

We finally updated our cell phone and we are liking the new one. We purchased a LG Cosmos. It is a slider and now that we have had the full keyboard we can’t do without it. We passed on the Internet package just because of the cost. We are afraid if we get it that will be another thing we just can’t do without.

Our refrigerator is on the fritz so we may have to drive 100 miles to Albuquerque and 100 miles back to get a part! The freezer is working fine but the refrig stays around 50 degrees. Bummer. We are living out of the cooler. So very glad it is a big one!

Hope you all had a great weekend. We did!


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