Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We arrived at the Sandia Casino yesterday afternoon and parked in their RV parking lot. We are right next to part of the golf course and today we heard an awful bang. Yep, we got nailed. I have to tell you though that whoever hit us is a really bad player because we are a long, long way from the green!

We haven’t done much in the city as of yet. Dale rode his bike and didn’t get going until 11 or so. We drove to Hobby Lobby and I shopped while he went to the bike shop. He needed a new bike computer and of course, this one is wireless! I shopped but only bought a soy candle – 50% off. Then we went to Verizon and updated our phone. We purchased an LG Cosmos. We love it. It slides to a full keyboard. We didn’t want the internet. So after rebate we paid $20. They were able to transfer our contact list. In Tucson they said they couldn’t do it. I think that guy was lazy. Ha.

Last night we played bingo for the first time in the casino and what an experience. We didn’t even get close so decided to save the money tonight and stay home. Good choice.

We did eat at the buffet today about 3 pm. Late lunch early dinner all for $5 each. They have great food and I came out stuffed. I decided I could binge somewhat and start back on the diet tomorrow!

I am feeling better but don’t know yet about the BP meds. In the late morning I get kind of faint like and hope my BP isn’t too low. Hummm…..

Tomorrow we will go see old town, maybe do the tram and get some shopping done before we leave on Friday. Lot to do tomorrow. We did want to play miniature golf, but haven’t worked that in yet. Fun in the very hot sun!


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