On The Scheme of Things

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This was the week for cliff-hangers from all our favorite TV shows.  Our friend Janet and Ralph got us hooked on FlashForward and what an exciting ending it was. We aren’t sure who everyone is yet as we  started watching this program in the middle of the season.on Thursday nights. We don’t know all the players yet, but do enjoy this program. Another favorite is NCIS and the “bad” woman out to get Gibbs just walked in his dad’s store, turned the open sign to closed – bam black screen. I think they have this all planned to get her. Another set-up. Don’t you just love all the cliff-hangers that will bring you back next season!!!

Thank goodness the clothes dried fast so we could quit looking so okie.

Dale and I have started washing some of our clothes at the RV and hanging them out to dry on our handy-dandy clothesline. A friend sent us links to some really cool washing machines for RV’s. Nothing we have ever seen before. Counter top gismo’s with crank handles or plug-ins. Plug ins won’t work for us so we are thinking of getting a 5 gallon bucket with lid and a plunger! We have seen it done, folks.

Storm moved in and blackened the skies. Notice RV dump sign in lower left corner! At Love's.

Today we had to go to the Post Office so decided to see what we could do in this town that would cost us under $5. We ended up at Carl’s Jr at the Love’s Truck Stop buying a small drink that we could refill. We did get to giggling about what retired folk do for fun! We also had a TV with CNN playing and heard that Gary Coleman passed away today. We had a nice drive and tried to photograph the lightening flashing around us.

After 10 tries I got this one. Lightening was spiking right to the ground.

The campground has come to life for Memorial weekend. It has become contractor generator hell! Lots of people out to have fun and it is good to see the park fill up. Dinner tonight is marinated pork loin, cheesy potatoes and some veggie. Nothing hard to cook.

I pray that everyone has a good and safe weekend. We are sticking close to home and loving every minute.


One thought on “On The Scheme of Things

    Janice said:
    May 29, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    We sure miss traveling! Hopefully by this by the winter of 11/12 we’ll be all settled in here and can take off for the south for the winter. Don’t you just love those generators … NOT!

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