Route 66 and Tucumcari

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Ok, it was time to go see some of the towns in this part of New Mexico. We chose to drive 54 miles to Tucumcari. This isn’t a drive we like because it is all freeway. But going 75 mph was great. We got there in no time!

Tucumcari has two towns really. There is the historic town and the Route 66 town. As you can imagine, the Route 66 town has the road lined with motels, restaurants, and service stations. Dale and I have noticed the boarded up and empty building along this route  and realize this must of been a very popular route to take. Now, they call it the Historic Route 66 and all the big motels are at the exits. Kind of sad in away.

At Tucumcari.

While we were in Tucumcari we saw the Mesalands Community College. They had this big wind turbine there and we realize they teach classes on how to maintain the turbines. Dale immediately took a photo and emailed it to his boss at RCC. That would be great if they got a course going in Oregon.

Tucumcari has put up some very nice murals around town. They even have a map to show you how to find them. We didn’t take the tour but from those we saw there are some pretty good artists in town.

We had lunch at K-Bobs, recommended to us by the nice guy at the Chamber of Commerce. He said the salad bar was very good. And it was. We ordered the chicken strip lunch special. It came with soup, a trip through the good salad bar, a side (it chose broccoli and Dale chose a baked potato) and rolls. All for $6.99. The chicken strips were homemade in a very light breading. We have seen K-Bob’s through New Mexico and never stopped. Now we will be sure to stop again. Stopped for dessert. First ice cream I have had in months. Yummmm….vanilla, chocolate chips with peanut butter. Dale had a coffee cone.

While driving down Route 66 we saw a diesel sign at Fina. $2.89.9/gallon. Best price so far. We made a note to come back when we were ready to leave town. We stopped at the Lowe’s and picked up a few things at the grocery store. When we went back to the gas station the price had dropped to $2.83. Our lucky day!

We had a nice time in this town and on the drive. It is worth a look-see.

Some odds and ends from Route 66:

The Safari!
Defunct garage.

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