Tuesday in Santa Rosa State Park

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This is "taking it easy." Dale is putting a lecture together for his class.

Dale and I took it easy on Tuesday. Both of us had to catch up on our sleep. Dale stated his day riding his bike into Santa Rosa. He is determined to get “back” in to riding and losing 15 pounds. Morgan and I got up early and hiked over to the outlook at the dam and up to an overlook trail loop. The morning was already getting hot. It turned out to be 94 degrees and we were roasting.

I have started my regimen of meds for acid reflux and high blood pressure. I know I have a lot of acid in my stomach but still not sure if this is what is wrong. I am looking into herbal remedies for acid reflux due to the long list of side effects.  So we shall see. I have to say I am overwhelmed by your responses and encouragements. Thanks you so very much.

The French Open is happening this week so Dale and I are glued to the TV off and on all day. We do like our tennis.

I have to share our dinner with you from last night. It was so good! We were able to go to Whole Foods on Monday. I found some Portabella mushrooms stuffed with artichoke hearts, dried tomatoes, herbs and mozzarella cheese. I cooked up the shrimp from our trip to Port of Penasco that were given to us by our friends, Janet and Ralph. To top it off I fixed a spinach salad with green onion, turkey bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. Don’t you just love a great meal! It was so delicious and filling. I told Dale that when we finally settle down we just have to be where there is a Whole Foods!

After dinner we started walking around the campground. There were 3 of us here last night! Since we left Annie alone at the rig for 2 days she hasn’t gotten very far from us. She actually went on our walk all the way around the campground. So funny.

Some desert flowers are out. Yucca and Prickly Pear. Enjoy. Storm clouds move in over to the east and were so beautiful I had to share. Have a great day! We have clouds so it may be cooler today.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday in Santa Rosa State Park

    Cindy said:
    June 5, 2010 at 10:59 am

    For the acid reflux..try drinking cabbage juice..I know sounds awful..but it works..we live in a heavily German/Pollock area..and they do this instead of meds. My husband uncle was suppose to have surgery for ulcer..2 weeks before.. he started drinking raw cabbage juice..ulcer healed..that has been 7 yrs. Worth a try..lol

    Cindy and Walker

    Gwen said:
    June 5, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    I will give anything natural a try. So much better than traditional meds. I was at Whole Foods and totally forgot to look for some natural remedies. Next time! Thanks.

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