New Photo’s of Chloe

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Darling Chloe is 6 months old! What a cutie! Ben and Kim took a vacation to California and these photo’s are from there. We heard that at the end of the month they are flying back to Pennsylvania to see Kim’s family. Good luck with the flying and Chloe! We both hope she adapts to the flight. Tell your mom HI for us Kim!

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Who do you think she looks like!!!


2 thoughts on “New Photo’s of Chloe

    Ralph said:
    May 24, 2010 at 10:24 am

    Hi Gwen & Dale:

    It’s Janet. I am finally home thank goodness! My brother is doing better but still has a long way to go and because he is alone so much, he gets depressed. I have done all I can do though and the rest is up to him.

    It sounds like you had quite a scare. I have never heard of altitude sickness, but it sounds life threatening to me if you ignore it. Thank goodness you didn’t. We are both fine and still cold here. Our friends all come June 3rd and hopefully it warms up a bit. Then we leave for Yellowstone and up yonder on the 10th. Ralph is getting anxious to be on the road again for sure.

    Take care of yourselves and now that I am back hope to communicate with all of my friends more.

    I think Chloe looks like her daddy right now. Although they change quickly because Julia looked like Jason when she was very young but now she looks like Erika. Joshy, however, has always looked like his mama.

    Stay healthy and warm, Janet

    Gwen said:
    May 25, 2010 at 6:41 am

    HI Janet…glad you are home again and good to hear from you! You take care too. Hope you are making plans to get your knees taken care. Get on it girlfriend!

    Happy travels….

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