Angle Fire, New Mexico

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Angel Fire is about 11 miles south of Eagle Nest where we are camped at the state park. AF is a ski resort with a smattering of businesses around it. There are a couple of banks, service stations, a market, visitor’s center, restaurants, RV park, and many real estate offices.

Yesterday, we saw another area of Angel Fire. A Health Fair was being held  at the Community Center which was up the mountain above the town. The road to the center was paved and pine trees were thick on each side of the road. There were many for sale signs advertising lots for sale for building homes/condo’s. We were able to see another portion of the town by going to the center.

The health fair was fantastic. I had been on-line looking for such an event so that Dale and I could get our cholesterol checked. Not only did we get blood drawn for that (and for free) we also got a full blood panel done for $40 each. For us that was a God send. You know how much it costs for blood work! Since we both needed this done, this fair came at the right time and we were in the right place. The person drawing our blood was so friendly and funny. We had a good time with him. I gave him my usual instructions that I give anyone poking me with a needle – “You get three chances.” My veins are so small but once you get in there you can draw lots of blood! He patted me on the inside of my elbows a few times, on both arms, and drew the blood from the top of my hand. Ha!

The fair also had information on health – check for glaucoma from a Taos eye doc, blood pressure check (which my reading came out higher than any time in my life, I just know this altitude isn’t good for me!), a 10 minute neck message, info on Medicare, prescriptions, and a physical therapist.  Dale and I also got to shoot off a fire extinguisher at a fire to see how they really work.

I was able to talk to a couple of ladies about full time RVing. They were excited to learn about this type of life and workcamping. And as always, I am so happy to share what we are doing and how it has impacted our life.

By the time we finished at the fair we were both starved. (fasting for 10 hours) and we went to a favorite eatery, the Avalon, for breakfast. They make wonderful omelets’. We have the New Mexico Tourist Card and got 1/2 off one meal.

Avalon is a Bakery and Restaurant

After breakfast, we drove down the road we will take tomorrow and found the golf course. The amount of homes surrounding the golf course and going back into the forest was astounding. Many of these homes are seconded homes and not just a simple house. I would say most of the houses ranged in the $300000 to $500000 in price. Sad part of this was that most of the roads were gravel or just plain dirt (which was mug this time of year). We drove further down the highway and found ourselves in a lush, green valley. The diversity of the landscape of New Mexico is something else.

Overlooking the club house at the gold course. What a view!
Angel Fire
Valley beyond Angel Fire
No, not the stars. Snow coming down Friday night.

Saturday was a good day for us. This area is beautiful (especially after a snow as we found out) and the people are so friendly. That has made this visit worth it!


One thought on “Angle Fire, New Mexico

    Ralph said:
    May 16, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    The health fair sounds like a great idea, for us full-timers who can’t get back to our Doctors on a regular basis! That looks like a beautiful setting for a golf course…has it opened for the season yet? Probably still to cold!

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