Red River, New Mexico

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Red River is one place we were looking forward to visiting. We took the Enchanted Circle out of Eagle Nest (Hwy 38) towards Red River. We came to Bob Cat Pass and as you can see we are way up there in the Rockies. (Sangre de Cristo Mountians) As we dropped down into the valley/canyon of Red River the view was breathtaking.

At least all the snow was gone! The ski lift drops right down into the town and the motels, hotels, and World Mark are right there so all one needs do is walk to the ski lift.

Main street was packed with shops, art, restaurants and all one would need for a nice stay here. We had a hard time finding a place that was open (businesses are closed getting ready for the summer tourist trade) but we did find a coffee shop/deli/bakery so Dale could get his coffee and blueberry muffin. Nice friendly people there informed us that summer time was a bigger tourist draw than the winter skiing. We were sort of shocked by that news, but Red River would be an excellent place to come in the summer when the southern temps reach into the 100’s. A cool 75 degrees would do the trick for the summer heat!

We did shop here and came away with some goodies. I finally found a blue shirt without to much graffiti on it! I like my clothes pretty plain. Dale found some cute little girl things for Chloe. What a nice Grandpa.

We left Red River happy and content. Our experience there was a good one. We followed the Red River much of the way towards Quesda. We also checked out the Carson Forest Service campgrounds. Our rig didn’t fit in most of them. But they were all on the river but close to the road. The cheat sheet that we had said they are all concession run and should have been open. Most were not open. Maybe catch them this summer.


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