Enchanted Circle

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We have landed at Eagle Nest State Park. Eagle Nest is a new park, about 1-year-old, and still looks unfinished. Each site has a table with cover and a gravel place to park. There are no trees. There are no shrubs. Just those grey desert bushes. There is a huge visitor’s center but it hasn’t opened yet. For us campers, I would rather have had electric power or  a dump station  instead of this huge new building.

The park is on Eagle Lake. It is a huge lake that draws the fishermen. Eagle Nest is 8200 feet in elevation and is surrounded by mountains. The Rocky Mountains.Wheeler Peak at 13,000 feet looms over this little village.

Eagle Nest is a small town of 300 people. Their main street if full of business which I would say a 1/3 of them are closed, for rent or for sale.  We stopped at a cafe for lunch. Talking with the waitress we discovered she lived in Camas, Washington. So we shared we are from Oregon. A customer eating by us, a local, told us he worked for Harry and David in Medford for a year. “What a small world” as we say.
Our lunch was delicious.

Out our back window

The wind has been blowing ever since we got here. Not just a whiff but a gale! I was outside this morning and I heard a chorus of frogs singing, a meadowlark trilling its song and the community of prairie dogs out our window were barking. The sun was sparkling off the water and the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds floating by. The day was perfect.

I will be glad when we move on though. I am not breathing well at this elevation. The scenery is beautiful and I am glad we have seen it.


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