Ra-ton or Rat-n

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We arrived in Raton about 2 pm. The drive from Santa Fe was pretty surprising. We were in the mountains, then the prairie or grass lands and then back in the mountains. Although the prairie was vast. Towns were nestled along the way – Pecos, Las Vegas, Springer. We came around a sweep in the road and there before us were the snow covered Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

We had a time finding a campground at Sugarite Canyon State Park. The first campground we came to was Lake Alice. Well, our map on our super-duper map said there was a campground before Alice called Sugarite. The campground above us and one where wewould have to think twice about taking our trailer, was Soda Pocket. Lake Alice has electric and water and Soda Pocket is boondocking all the way. The view up at Soda Pocket was beautiful as it overlooked the valley below.

We did find a place at Lake Alice (which does have a lake across the street) to park. This park is not very big – about 11 spaces and most on the reservation system. We did luck out in getting a place that was big enough for us and sort of private. The only negative is that we are on the road but not a busy road as it only goes up the road about 3 miles to Lake Molya. Which we discovered at the end of the lake we crossed over into Colorado.

So we are settled here for a few days. Lots of hikes to do and tour the town. We did go to the post office to send of Dale’s mom’s gifts for Mother’s Day. The locals pronounce the city name Rat-n. We thought it was Ra-ton!


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