Blowing Hair, Blowing Clouds, Blowing Sand – Windy

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I am thinking that the wind blows pretty much most of the time in New Mexico. I don’t mean a few mile an hour wind either. Yesterday we had 50+ mile an hour wind gusts and the wind blew all day. I had to get my hair cut short because the wind gave me a new look.

We took a ride and ended up in a sand storm on one stretch of the highway. We were going to the Tent Rocks National Park but at the gate we read the sign that says NO DOGS. Not even in the vehicle. So we turned around and road through the surrounding area.

Now to back track a little.

We really didn’t have any plans of where to go after Socorro. At the eleventh hour we decided to go up to Cochiti Lake and visit Pat and Ron. Pat and I are on the same Yahoo RV Crafters group. Therefore, we decided to go stay at the campground where they are workcamping this summer. Cochiti (pronounced the Indian way, not the Spanish way) Lake is about 40 miles north and to the west of Albuquerque. I 25 was quite straight with wonderful mountains on both sides of the freeway.

Our first view of Albuquerque was a reminder of what big cities look like! We have gone through so many “small” villages since Las Cruces. We had gotten in touch with Pat about coming to their campground to visit. She and Ron were going into Albuquerque to the Sandria Casino for their $5 buffet lunch. We made plans to meet there. Sandria Casino is off the Tramway Road.

When we first saw the casino we let out a big WOW. Our first adobe like casino! It really was beautiful. We parked way up the hill in the parking lot for RV’s and decided that if we needed a place to stay in Abq we would know right where to come. Huge parking lot, lights, security – our RV would be safe here.

We went in the casino and headed for the line to get our players club card. You need one to get the specials at the buffet. We were surprised that we didn’t have to wait to get the card. When the lady handed me my card, deck of used cards and a pen, she also told me that we had $20 on the card to play the slots and $20 worth of chips to play cards with. Wow! Now that is a deal.

I have to tell you, as will Pat, Ron and Dale, that this buffet was the best food we have ever eaten in a casino. We usually tell everyone going down I 5 in California to stop at the Rolling Hills Casino because their food is fantastic for that kind of establishment. But I think this casino edges out Rolling Hills just a little. I had the most fantastic crab, shrimp, and all kinds of veggies pasta dish I have ever eaten. This place didn’t serve up plastic food.

After lunch and friendly lunch talk, we headed to the slots. Dale and I gave Ron our chip money so he could go have fun at the blackjack tables. We went to the non-smoking slots and found some penny machines.

After all is said and done, Ron won us $25 (he charged a dollar to have fun), I won $32 and Dale won 58 cents. Dale and I spent $4 of our own money. Pat even won! Great slots and I don’t think I have had so much fun on the penny slots! My machine just kept going off and handing out the dough.

The Reese’s and the Prohaska’s parted company after the gambling. They went to look at RV’s and we headed up to Tetillia Campground. This is a Corp campground right on Cochiti Lake. We were told to find a place so we went round and round looking at all the spaces. Pat had told us that some guy changed all his reservations to space 37. So when we looked at it we decided it wasn’t long enough for us. It has a full view of the lake and the mountains. On our next trip around the park we stopped at space 37 and got out and looked at it. Dale measured it off and sure enough we could get in it with room to park the truck. We like the outside spaces because of the dog.

So here we sit, loving the view.


2 thoughts on “Blowing Hair, Blowing Clouds, Blowing Sand – Windy

    Cyndi said:
    April 30, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Hmmm – no dogs even in your car? I wonder why that is? I looked at the BLM website and they just said “due to concerns about public safety.” Thanks for the great pics at Cochiti – I was just reading about it last week but there were no photos in my book.

    Gwen said:
    April 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    We tried to get our dog in if she just stayed in the truck. No go. Dogs can’t be on this BLM soil. Bummer. We encounter this at the Living Desert in Tucson, AZ too. No dogs anywhere. We had to take Morgan home which made our time there late in the afternoon.

    The dam at Cochiti Lake is the 11th largest earth filled lake in the world. It is huge. The lake is filling up fast. One picnic area on the beach is under water. They say the have gained 13 feet of water and expect 11 or so more. What are they going to do with the monsoon rains?!!

    We went through the Cochiti Lake Campground and like the Tetilla Campground on the other side of the lake much better.

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