Last Few Days

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The last few days have been pretty busy. We traveled from Quemado Lake to Socorro through towns like Magdalena, Pie Town andDatil and Omega.

Main street of Socorro - California Avenue

We spent a couple of days in Socorro. We toured their plaza which the town was built around. We walked around the Old San Miguel Mission that has been preserved since it was built in the 1600’s and is still in service today. We drove through the Basque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. We ate at the Socorro Springs Brewery and had a good lasagna dinner. We kept trying to eat this one Mexican cafe where the “locals” eat but we could never get the time down. We did find out they closed at 2. Which was pretty normal for this town. Once lunch was over many restaurants closed the doors.

Finding a place to park was a real hassle. Tom’s RV was full and we couldn’t have gotten our 36′ home in there any way. Casey’s didn’t look to bad but there were too many negative reviews on the internet for our liking. Besides, it was close to the freeway, the train tracks and a main intersection. We drove on down to San Antonia to the Basque Birdwatchers RV. Jackie owned the place. It was a field turned into an RV park. Level and gravelled. Spaces were very close together, but there weren’t that many people there.

We got the RV set up and went to town to do laundry and get groceries. The Bubbles Laundromat was clean and had front loads at $1 a load. We were thankful! Socorro has a Super Center Wal-Mart, so we were able to get our groceries in quick order. Later that night our first train started. The ground rumbled, the trailer shook and the engineer loved laying on the horn. We didn’t think we would be bothered by trains at night because reports on the Internet said the trains didn’t run 11 to 7 pm. That person must have slept through them all because we had about 4 trains go through that night. Needless to say, we both needed some extra sleep the next day – but too much to see and do.

We toured the whole area the next day and enjoy every moment. The shops were “tourist” stuff and from what I overheard in dire need of customers buying – not just looking. The town plaza park was nice and kept up.


We did find Box Canyon 6 miles out of Socorro on 60 going West. Everyone we asked told us to look for the sign on the right of the road. Well, the sign was in from the road on the road to go down to the Box. Had to be looking closely. This is a canyon where rock climbers go to do their thing. It was beautiful and had several caves to explore. There is a gravelled area to park a rig on and boondock. A bathroom is also provided.At the wildlife refuge, we drove through many marshes. Stopped at some to see what birds were out there. We didn’t get to see any cranes, but there were ducks and egrets and these long billed birds. The most exciting was seeing a Canadian Goose with 3 babies that were all puffy and yellow. They weren’t very old.

The only cranes we saw!

Wednesday we moved on to stay at Tetilla (pronounced the Indian way not the Spanish way) Campground by Cochiti Lake above Albuquerque. More on that adventure!  (NO TRAINS!)

It is time to just sit and soak up the sun and surroundings. Storms are moving in and right now the wind is pretty high. But we are sitting above the lake and have a very nice view of the mountains. Life is good and we are very blessed.


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