What Can You Expect at 8000 Feet?

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If you guessed snow, you are right! After leaving Glenwood and that wonderful breatkfast at Reserve, we headed up the San Francisco Mountains to Quemoda Lake. There are several campground here and one has water and electricity.

When we arrived, we found a huge lake and about 5 campgrounds. The ones that were suppose to have the facilities for us were closed. We checked them out on the Internet before coming up here and their status was open even though they said open was May 1. We did find free camping at El Caso Campground. A creek was running through it so we backed up to it and set up.

It was like coming home. Pine trees and water. While Dale was setting up the dish, I was building a fire to keep warm by. As we came up to this place, as you can see, it was cold. Moving on today….have a wonderful day!


One thought on “What Can You Expect at 8000 Feet?

    Ralph said:
    April 27, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    It’s good to be back in the mountains! Bet your enjoying it as much as I am! We don’t have snow, but are having a pretty good rain storm right now. Yesterday it was clear and 72 degrees, but cooler today. We stopped by to visit Terry and Cathy yesterday, however they were away. They still have snow on the ground!

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