The Things You Find Out In The Middle Of NoWhere

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Our plan was to have breakfast at the little cafe in Glenwood “The Golden Girls” the day we moved out of Sundial Springs RV Park. I asked Shelley, the owner, about the food there and she suggest we go to Alma’s outside of town. Better parking and the food was better. As we drove by the “Golden Girls” we saw the CLOSED sign in the door and the decision to go to Alma’s was made. We arrived at Alma, some 5 miles out of Glenwood, and it looked closed to. I got out of the truck to check their hours. They were open 6 days a week but closed on Thursday. Dale and I looked at each other and laughed. Yep, that’s our luck.

So we drove on toward Reserve munching on a fiber bar thinking that would be our breakfast. The scenery was beautiful on our drive. This part of New Mexico was a surprise to us with all the trees and “green” vegetation. Everything looked kind of soggy so we knew they had gotten some moisture. Come to find out, this part of the state had more moisture this last winter than they had had in years. No wonder the land looked soggy!

Hwy 180

The Adobe. Sign on porch says "Great Food"

About 8 to 10 miles out of Reserve we saw a sign advertising espresso and bakery. We wanted a hardy breakfast, not pastry. When we got to the place there were many cars out front so we decided to stop to see if we might be able to get something good to eat. Well, what a surprise we found. Not only did they serve a good breakfast, but also a healthy one. Dale had the multi-grain, nutty pancakes that were delicious and eggs from free range chickens. He said the coffee wasexcellent too. I had the veggie and egg quesadilla. Yummy. And prices were excellent too.

A guy came in that I saw back at Alma’s. He was looking for breakfast in Glenwood too. We got to talking and he quit his job, jumped on his motorcycle and came this far from New York. He was amazed at our full-time RV experience. I have to say I am glad we are in an RV and not riding the motorcycle he was on. It was not a touring bike!

In Reserve we stopped at Apache Gas to fill a propane bottle. Getting there was a challenge, through the arroyo and sandy dirt road! Price was exorbitant at $3.25/gal but we were just thankful to find propane. Next stop was Apache Station and that turned out to be a ranching

Friendly guy helped us and shared about the area. He was ready for summer to come quickly!

community with one store.

In all, our day was one of contentment and adventure.

(to be continued)


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