Sundial Springs RV Park

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After leaving Silver City heading towards Glenwood, we parked at an RV park called Sundial Springs. It was listed in our Escapee’s book as one that would give us a discount per night. Reservations are necessary. Don’t go to this park if you haven’t made reservations because you won’t get in.

Mountains along highway 180

The park is off of Hwy 180 at MM 56. Take a left on a dirt road. This road continues on for a mile and signs will say it ends, but keep going. It ends at the park. The road follows the San Fransisco River and there is a Forest Service Day Use area off to the right down to the river. The park is on a cliff overlooking the river and Sundial Mountain.

Shelly met us on the road to the park as she was going out. She told us to pick a spot and we would talk later. We drove through the gate and up to the park. The road is narrow and it gets narrower if that is possible. It is accessible, but if you are not one for bumpy dirt roads and bushes close to the road, this park isn’t for you. It is really out in the sticks! And of course, we love it!

We had a huge space to ourselves. We were able to hook up to sewer and water so Dale could fix our sewer gizmo. With that done, we took a ride around the area. Glenwood has a senior center, library, elementary school, couple of cafe’s, store and gas, bar, couple of churches. Don’t let the propane tanks fool you. No propane.

Yep, I was the gate keeper. Heavy sucker!

Annie rolling in the pea gravel. She loved it here.
Dale on his way to a nap.
San Francisco River

After 3 nights, we moved on. Saga to continue!


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