Let’s Do The Cat Walk

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Destination: Glenwood, New Mexico
RV Park: Sundial Springs (although we found a free National Forest Campground just out of Glenwood!)
Attractions: Glenwood, The Cat Walk in Whitewater Canyon, Mogollon Ghost Town and the beautiful Mogollon Mountains
Weather: Sun, clouds, rain, more sun, very nice temps.

Our whole first day in Glenwood found us heading into the mountains toward Whitewater Canyon and the “famous” Cat Walk. No, this isn’t called the Cat Walk because of kitty-kitties walking here although they might roam through this canyon. It is called the Cat Walk by maintenance men who had to walk on 4″ and 18″ pipe all the way up the canyon.

About 1893 gold and silver were discovered in the canyon and the mill was at the bottom of the canyon. The ore had to get down the mountain to the mill and they set up pipes for about 3 miles to ship the ore through. Water also ran the generators. The miners put in a 4″ pipe and later added bigger generators so put in an 18″ pipe. Remains of the pipe, gouged out rock for timbers and bridges can be seen throughout the hike.

The Cat Walk today was put in by the CCC’s in the 1930. The Forest Service has since improved on the trail, bridges and railing. The picnic area is beautiful. Arizona Sycamore’s make great shade in the summer as well as showing off their the splendor of their white bark. The trail is 1.1 miles up the canyon.

We were able to take Morgan on this walk which was fabulous. She also was able to swim in the creek along the way to keep her inner temp cool. She had a great time and slept pretty good last night!

I will put the photo’s in a slideshow because I took so many. The slideshow starts where we started and moves up the trail. I have about 50 photo’s so be patient. This hike was so beautiful I wanted you to see it all – plus a memory for us!  If you have never been here, don’t miss it. It is well worth the drive from Safford or Silver City.

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One thought on “Let’s Do The Cat Walk

    Cyndi said:
    April 21, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    The cat walk reminds me of the walk through the Partnach Klamm (Gorge) in southern Germany. Beautiful shots!

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