Leaving Silver City – boo-hoo

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It is time to move on from this area. We will miss City of Rocks State Park and are planning on coming back next year. We have enjoyed this park immensely and especially our privacy. We haven’t had to put down a shade in the whole time we were here!

When we were coming into Silver City for the first time a huge billboard caught my eye. It said in super huge letters “Jesus is Lord.” Warmed my heart and soul to see my Lord proclaimed so.

Silver City has something for everyone. The shops on Bullard St. provide espresso’s, latte’s, vegetarian cuisine, gourmet food, art and artists, sports wear, pottery, grocery co-op, herbs, second-hand stores, restaurants a quilt store and a fabulous yarn store.  We had a good time window shopping.

I was able to find a wonderful salon to get a hair cut. If you come here and need hair-care, go to Inovations on 12th st and Hwy 90. This is a mother/daughter shop and their books are full. A good sign that you will get a great cut. Georgia and Jocelyn are sweet ladies. You might have to make an appointment, so go in early in your stay. Price: $30 (but you come out with a cut that will guarantee you “no more bad hair days!”  We then had a late lunch/early supper at the Red Barn. Another great meal and they had a super salad bar.

We went to a craft fair on Saturday down in Ditch Park. Yep, it is exactly what it says. They have made a park along side this huge ditch and it was very, very nice. The crafters lined both sides of the walkway with their goods. The forsythia was in bloom as well as some trees. They had face painters and the kids were all decked out in different characters!

That evening we attended the Cobre Indians baseball game in Bayard. They were playing Socorro. Both the J.V. team and the Varsity won. We ate hot dogs and  cheered the home team on to victory. I wish I had paid more attention to my Spanish lessons though then I would have been able to keep up on the conversations of the locals!

We have enjoyed everything about this area and recommend all RVers to put Silver City, New Mexico on their itinerary.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Silver City – boo-hoo

    Linda Ferrara said:
    April 19, 2010 at 10:11 am

    Gwen, enjoy the rest of your trip! I have been enjoying reading your blog and seeing where you visited. I hope the rest of your travels are safe and happy! -Linda@silvercity-realestate.com

    Gwen said:
    April 19, 2010 at 8:31 pm

    Thanks Linda and thanks for reading!

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