On The Home Front

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Dale and I took a day at Oliver Lee Memorial State Park to do some homey projects. Yes, Dale’s project was on the famous “Honey Do” list.

I had been asking for dividers in one of our overhead cabinets at the back of the trailer. In this cabinet we keep our board games and maps. When we travel nothing up there stays organized and usually when we set up the trailer after a road trip we find the Aggravation board on the living room floor. When we were staying at the Ranch I begin my cause for my case in having vertical dividers in this cabinet.

Dale wanted to go a different route and buy a desk file divider. You know the ones – metal and sits atop a desk and holds those manila files!  I don’t know about yours, but mine were always a mess from getting moved here and there on my desk. I asked Dale how that would work in this big cabinet. NOT! Once I talked him out of that he started buying material for what I was asking for. Actually, when he went to get plywood the lumber place just gave him a piece of pressed board. No cost there.

The final results turned out great. He used his circular saw to make a half circle in each board to easily grab something out of the cabinet and after much begging he put in a ledge so things can’t hit the cabinet door and stay in place. So far so good!

While Dale was working on his project, I was busy knitting me a purse. My old one was ready to be put on the shelf. So I grabbed some wool and waaalaaaa, I now have a new purse. I had to hand sew the lining because I don’t have a sewing machine. The button came from an estate sale in Ajo, NM this last February. We later heard the estate sale happens every year! I purchased the material for the lining in Safford at the Scrapbooking/Quilt store. The pattern I used is very easy and knits up pretty fast. If you would like the pattern, just leave a comment and I will email you the pattern. It is one of those free patterns on a pad they put in the yarn section of the store.

I even made a small pocket on the back side of the purse to keep chap stick and that sort of thing in.


3 thoughts on “On The Home Front

    Kathy said:
    April 8, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    I like your purse Gwen, Very nice…

      Gwen said:
      April 8, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      Thanks, good buddy!!!!!!

    Orma said:
    April 19, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    Loved the looks of your purse. When you have time I would like the pattern. And the brand of yarn. Thank you. Am a huge fan of orange! It is cheery.

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