The Torrey Yucca

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There are many varieties of yucca in the desert and we are learning about the different ones. The yucca that have the wonderful walking sticks (after the flower is gone) is a Soap Tree Yucca. The yucca that are around Oliver Lee Memorial State Park are the Torrey Yucca. We have seen this plant in many different stages. Some are just getting their huge flower bud, others are almost blooming while others have bloomed. While some of the yucca are tree looking, others are small and hugging the ground. Here are some facts.

This plant was named after John Torrey, a botanist (1796-1873).
Leaf: Evergreen, stiff and sword-like, numerous at the ends of branches, to 5 feet long, sharp pointed tip, edges fibrous, blue-green to yellow-green, with up-curled edges.
Flower: Bell-shaped, to 4 inches long, creamy white, crowded on long stalks on an upright branched cluster to 4 feet tall, appearing in spring to early summer.

Fruit: Green changing to dark brown capsule, 4 to 5 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inch in diameter, 6 celled, initially fleshy and becoming leathery, maturing late summer.

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