A Meet and Greet!

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About three years ago I was led to a forum for RV Crafters by Sue on the Carriage forum. Since I knit, this seemed a good place to check out. The forum is called Campground Crafters.

Over the last few years we on the group have been able to meet each other because we are a travelling bunch! Although, travelling isn’t a criteria for joining the group. Or even an RV!

Our group moderator just happened to be coming to Carlsbad for a couple of days. Yahoo! I would get to meet her and she would get to meet me. So we made plans for dinner on Saturday night. Since Dale had joined the Elks, we decided to give their dining room a try and invited Pat and her hubby, Ron, to have dinner with us there.

Once we got out of our vehicles, I got the biggest hug from Pat and I returned the hug. We chatted to the door of the lodge. We chatted up the stairs. We chatted while waiting for a table. We chatted through the salad bar line. We really chatted when they brought a huge plate of ribs for Pat and Ron. We chatted through dinner, after dinner and up to the time we said our goodbyes. Just a very delightful evening. I am so glad we were so comfortable with each other. It is a kick in the pants meeting people you have met on-line.


2 thoughts on “A Meet and Greet!

    Cindy said:
    March 30, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Oh this sounds so like what I would love to get involved in!! And I too am looking forward to putting a hug to the women who I have been blogging with…lol

    I just started my own crafting blog..The rv blog is still going fine..I just needed another outlet for creativity.
    My new baby is Rick-Rack and Gingham…http://randrgingham.blogspot.com

    What all do you make?

    Cindy from Tx?

      Gwen said:
      April 1, 2010 at 10:14 am

      Hi Cindy…look for camground crafters at yahoo groups and come join us. A great bunch of gals on this group. Try this link and then search on campground crafters.

      I tried your blog and it wasn’t up yet. Send me a link when you get it up and running.

      I knit and recently stated on the plastic needlework. We are hosting a rally on the Oregon Coast in October so I am trying to make a memento for those that attend. I also picked up the plastic loom and have made a few hats. Just something different. What crafts are you into?

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