Brantley Lake State Park

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We left the SKP park on Wednesday morning. We traveled south about 10 miles. The park is between Artesia to the north and Carlsbad to the south. The Pecos River flows this way and is very wide in Carlsbad. We are just below the dam so we have this wonderful lake to camp next to. So far, most of the state parks we have stayed at are miles off the road. Brantley Lake is no exception. That makes for quiet here!

After we arrived a big storm hit with high winds and rain. See the rainbow!

We will sit for about 5 days while Dale works on his RCC class. Morgan and I are walking again and that feels good. She loves being able to get out and run. RV parks just don’t allow for this because she has to be on a leash.

Today as I was sitting at the dining room table I saw this huge white bird flying over the lake. It was a white pelican. Reminded me of home! Thanks Lord.

This part of New Mexico (southeastern) is flat and mostly desert. It has its own beauty, of course, but it is nice to see ‘green’ once in awhile (okay, having a moment of what word to use here – a while or awhile! I am sticking with what I wrote first.). This part of the state is also good for drilling for oil and we see many oil rigs and refinery’s here. That is why we get this odd and sometimes obnoxious smell when the wind blows our way.

In Artesia, NM

Each park we have stayed at has a concrete pad with a picnic table and blue covering. Very nice indeed for $10 a night.

Looking out our back window.
Brantley Lake

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