Fun the Last Few Days

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New adventures were on the books this last weekend and Monday. After a few down days at the SKP park, we ventured out to see what Carlsbad, NM had to offer us. We enjoyed the park and all the amenities.

Sunday, Ralph, Dale and I took off for Sitting Bull Falls. Janet took this time to get herself ready for leaving on Wednesday.  We headed toward Carlsbad and just as we came to Brantley State Park turnoff, we took the road to the right that when toward Queen. About 32 miles down this road, we came to the falls. We haven’t seen much water in New Mexico. Even the Pecos River was dry in certain areas. At the falls, we hiked up this cement walkway with rails. I thought we would have to really hike to the falls. This was a stroll. Nice that it was. The falls wasn’t anything like the photo we have. That must of been in the spring when the snows melted! Right now there was a good trickle going on.

Aqua pools at the bottom provided a place for Morgan to swim. She didn’t stay in long because the water was really cold. We walked around below the falls trying to get a good photo! Then we walked back up to the day use area to eat our lunch. Some of the rock buildings  there were made by the CCC’s in the 1940’s. We picked one out closes to the creek.
After lunch we dove up the road to go to Five Points Vista. We wanted to go see the Guadalupe Mountains. We were on a good graveled dirt road heading west. All of a sudden we came upon buildings and a sign telling us we were in Queen, New Mexico. We stopped at the store/cafe to get a drink. We ended up getting candy bars and talking with the cook/waitress/clerk who ran the store. They also had an RV park. We didn’t know what was going on out here to have a town but there it was!

We were in the Pinon Pines on both sides of the road. Dale was getting a little “testy” because we were on gravel roads again and we weren’t getting to our destination very fast!!! The joys of backroad traveling!

Once we arrived at 5 Points, the scene we saw was beautiful. We were about 2,000 feet above the valley floor. This whole area was once a sea and sediment settled upon sediment to create what we were standing on – a mountain. The valley floor consisted of desert and ranches. We didn’t see any cows just lots of fences and houses. We were out in the middle of nowhere and the road we came in on ended at a campground.

We drove past ranches, homes, oil rigs, refinery tanks and yes, we smelled that awful oil odor. It was good to get in the mountains and trees though. A little more like home.


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